Master Wu Rong-Huei zaterdag 18 mei

Een unieke gelegenheid om deze top leraar uit Taiwan te ontmoeten in Zwolle!
1 dag workshop over “The art of softness overcoming hardness in the Tai Chi form and pushing hands.”
Looking at our lineage tree Master Wu is my big cousin. Professor Cheng man Ching is our Tai Chi Chuan grandfather.  

Schedule of the workshop on Saturday May 18, 2019
10:00~10:30 : Welcoming of the participants.
10:30~13:00 : Training drills for developing leg and waist power, stretching exercices for relaxing the nine major joints, applying the ten essentials. Broken up practice of the form (applicable to any form). “Beautiful Lady’s Hands” and “Not Moving the Arms” of Master Cheng Man-Qin. “Original Space Position” and “Original Body Position” of Master Song Zhi-Jian.
13:00~14:00 : Lunch break.
14:00~16:30 : Supple Taichi pushing hands training drills for absorbing and neutralizing. Pushing hands practice. Global review.

Price : STN-member € 70 for 1-day workshop non-STN-member € 85 for 1-day workshop
Address : Inner Touch Tai Chi, Westerlaan 51, 8011CA Zwolle, Nederland
Master Wu Rong-Huei will also be in Wuppertal (Germany) on Sunday May 19, 2019

Supple Tai Chi workshop in the Netherlands, With Master Wu.

Tai Chi is a treasure amongst the cultural heritage of the Chinese Martial Arts. Its techniques open a gateway to the ancient philosophy of the Yi-Jing, which describes the mutual relation between Yin and Yang. They offer an insight into Wuwei, the Way of non-doing to reach the Dao, as taught by the great philosophers Laozi and Zhuangzi. Through practicing the form and pushing hands training drills, the focus lies on polishing the skill of suppleness and cultivating the modesty of yielding to the opponent. In this way, health and vitality are strengthened while simultaneously pursuing the martial art skills of “softness overcoming hardness”, “stillness overcoming motion”, “small triumphing over large” and “slow controlling fast”. Master Wu Rong-Huei will share his experience in Supple Taichi, a Yang style of Taichi transmitted by Grand Master Song Zhi-Jian. During the workshop, Master Wu will revisit the essentials from the Tai Chi Classics and lay down the fundamentals for practicing physical relaxation, the Tai Chi form and pushing hands. The more advanced pushing hands drills will focus on absorbing and neutralizing the opponent’s attacks. All along, Master Wu will share his insights on the Classics, and together we will explore the training drills of three Grand-Masters in the Yang tradition :
● from the ten essentials of Master Yang Chen-Pu : “Raise the crown of the head”, “Draw in the chest and pull up the back”, “Relax the waist and the abdomen”, “Settle down on the pelvis and tuck in the tailbone”, ”Sink the shoulders and drop the elbows”, “Dissociate the full and the empty” ;
● from Master Cheng Man-Qing : “Beautiful Lady’s Hands” and “Not Moving the Arms” ;
● from Master Song Zhi-Jian : “Original Space Position” and “Original Body Position”.

Master Wu Ron-Huei met Judith van Drooge

About Master Wu Rong-Huei

Lineage : Yang Cheng-fu > Cheng Man-qing > Song Zhi-jian > Wu Rong-huei
Master Wu Rong-Huei studied with Master Song Zhi-Jian from 1986 to 2000. From 1989 to 2000, he won more than 20 Tai Chi pushing hands championships. In 1999, he even voluntarily signed up for division 7, competing with people 4 divisions heavier than him. He won. Today, Master Wu Rong-Huei is the chairman of the Chinese Taichi Institute in Taipei. He holds three positions at the National Tai Chi Chuan Association of Taiwan, amonst which being the head referee for all competitions the NTCCA sponsored between 2004 and 2018. He is also a lecturer at two departments of the National Taiwan Sports University. In 2007, he graduated himself from the Institute of Athletics and Coaching Science at the National Taiwan Sports University. He has actively promoted and taught Tai Chi Chuan locally, internationally and academically since 2000.
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Draag los zittende kleding en platte schoenen, zodat je vrij kan bewegen. Koffie en thee worden gratis geschonken. Neem wel een lunch pakketje mee.

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