Three masters, three countries, three different backgrounds


Tai Chi - Pushing Hands
3 & 4 oktober 2020 in Londen

Β­ Three masters, three countries, three different backgrounds work together. Barry McGinlay (England), Roberto Benetti (Italy) and Judith van Drooge (the Netherlands)
put their martial experiences together to give their best on Pushing Hands. Β­
Three styles collaborate and join to give you the best possible experience in Pushing Hands.
The idea is to share with open hearts. You are welcome to join and practice with us.

Roberto Benitti, Vicenza Barry McGinlay, London

Roberto Benitte, Barry McGinlay, Judith van Drooge

🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 star high quality Tai Chi Chuan Master workshop.
3 teachers collaborate on Pushing Hands.
🌟 BarryMcGinlay his power energy will bring you to expand your personal boundaries.
🌟 Roberto Benetti his knowledge will make you sense deeper layers and movement abilities in the body.
🌟 Judith van Drooge her charisma and fusion abilities will help you understand and have clear meaning.
🌟 These 3 spirits coming together, collaborating and sharing with open hearts will get us to see other dimensions.
Everybody is welcome to join in this 🌟🌟🌟🌟 2 day training. Please inscribe early to be sure of a place, training room Inner Touch Tai Chi Zwolle the Netherlands.

14 & 15 March 2020 Saturday and Sunday from 10:00h until 17:00h. Tea, coffee and snacks are included.
* Full weekend, 2 days training, contribution €140,-
* One day contribution €80,-
* Half a day 10-13h or 14-17h contribution €45,-

Inner Touch Tai Chi Westerlaan 51 Zwolle (main entrance City-Post) Located next to the train station, free parking in front of the door.

Registration email:
Payment in advance to: NL19RABO0155964461
name: J. van Drooge description: Collaboration

Geef je op voor een workshop en bevestig je plaats door het bedrag over te maken op rekeningnummer NL19RABO01559.64.461 t.n.v. J. van Drooge o.v.v. collaborations.