Inner Touch Tai Chi

De Chinese sport Tai Chi is een fysieke en mentale training, voor gezondheid, zelfverdediging en zelfontwikkeling. ‘Tai Chi is meditatie in beweging’ Ontspannen de dag beginnen, onderbreken of eindigen. Heb jij al eens overwooge.... Tai Chi les bij Judith van Drooge.

Yin & Yang

Step into a flow, a wave of life, the Tai Chi wave

Get acquainted with Tai Chi an oriental approach to mindfulness and self-defense. Inner Touch Tai Chi literally means: Touch inside by the highest achievable, the great ultimate.

World Wide

Workshops with Master Judith van Drooge

Release ‘unconscious’ stress. Time to relax. Time for yourself. Tai Chi & Chi Kung classes are taught by world champion and internationally respected teacher. Live in person lessons, livestream online lessons, on demand lessons, workshops, company training, private lessons on appointment. Or join one of the already planned workshops.

The Tai Chi classes are efficiently and effectively. Get balanced and fit for every challenge in life. Being active with the flowing relaxing exercises while you work on your health and keeping the self-healing ability, your immune system, up to date. Wear loose-fitting clothing and flat shoes so you can move freely.

Ready to

Take a moment in time...

... and spend it connecting with yourself.
You are welcome to invite Master Judith van Drooge at your place to teach and guide you and your group in:

• Tai Chi Chuan • Pushing Hands
• 18 movements/ Shibashi (1st and 2nd set)
• Ba Duan Jin / two different sets
• Yi Jin Jing
• Free movement
• Tai Chi and Chi Kung with Stick
• Tai Chi Sabre
• Tai Chi Fan
• Tai Chi Sword
• Meditation / Intuitive development
• (Life) Coach & Adviser

Last Saturday of April

World Tai Chi Day

All over the world people do Tai Chi on this day so that a wave of positive peaceful energy goes over the earth. Get energized in the Global Tai Chi wave. Tune in wherever you are. We put down the right mind-set and invite you to let positive vibes flow, receive and pass on through you. Be that drop in the ocean, together one. One world … One breath, is the worldwide motto! Moving together like a school of fish, a flock of birds. Save the date and come and enjoy this charging moment with us. Several teachers and Tai Chi schools will be present in different parks all over the world. It will be a celebration of recognition, surprise, diversity, exchange and TAI CHI. In Zwolle Judith started to join this world wide event since 2001.

For an impression from our festival, visit facebook

World Tai Chi Day Zwolle April 26, 2025 Tai Chi festival in Zwolle from 11AM to 2PM in Park de Wezenlanden. Feel welcome to join the free classes. Enjoy Tai Chi


Tai Chi Stick and Zhu Dao Chi Kung

This series of exercises stimulates the Chi = vital life energy. With the aid of the staff, this becomes one way to optimize health and the body’s balance. This technique can be practised by everyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

Combi Deal; DVD + Booklet + A1 poster + T-shirt + Sticker. Let me know what size T-shirt you want when you choose the Combi Deal.

Transfer 40 euro + 15 euro international shipping cost = total 55 euro to bank account BIC: RABONL2U IBAN: NL19RABO0155.9644.61 name: J. van Drooge payee description: DVD Stick. Or by using PayPal. If you just want the DVD please transfer 35 euro + 8 euro international shipping cost = total 43 euro.

Mail for placing your order, with complete address for sending.

This item is also available on USB-stick.

Online only

Tai Chi on demand

Throughout the years there are many recordings from classes where Judith has been teaching. These classes you can purchase. On DVD, USB ore with a link on internet. Here are some introductions to get started. Please let Judith know where your interest lies.

Introduction video to a Basic Training class in Dutch with Judith. Follow this link go to YouTube

Another introduction video to a easy to follow Basic Training class in Dutch with Judith. Follow this link go to YouTube

Instruction video for Tai Chi Chuan form, advanced, in Dutch with Judith. Follow this link go to YouTube

Introduction to a Easy to follow Chi Kung/Qigong class in English with Judith. Follow this link go to YouTube

Engage in livestream classes through Zoom.

For more information and the latest update go to the Workshops-page